How to Track Your Parcel

There are a number of options available for the tracking of your order. The customer web portal, desktop and smartphone applications each offer a variety of benefits.

Customer Web Portal

By accessing your account or by simply entering the job number and recipient company name you can track your order online through our web portal. Times for each phase of the delivery process are shown and once signed for, date, time and signature are available for proof of delivery.

Desktop Application

This application gives you full access to the progress of your order with times, dates and any notes relating to the booking. An additional feature allows you to view the van at street level while the delivery is in progress for complete peace of mind.

Smartphone Application

This application offers a more basic tracking service alongside bookings and enquiries, but does have the advantage of being accessible from anywhere – great whilst you are on the go! Displaying an overview, the times for each phase of the delivery are shown.


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