Next Day Deliveries By DNDP

Next Day Central Belt Scotland Launch DNDP C.I.C is proud to be able to offer NEXT day deliveries across the central belt of Scotland. This service will […]
New Board Member

Introducing Paul O’Hare: DNDP’s Newest Board Member!

Introducing Paul O’Hare: DNDP’s Newest Board Member ! We are delighted to welcome Paul O’Hare to the DNDP C.I.C. team, as he joins the Board as […]
Seeking Digital Project Manager

Digital Agency Vacancies

In our experience; most housebound people with a disability or long term health condition have been using I.T. as a communication tool, sometimes for decades.They are […]

Would You Like To Be Part Of The DNDP Digital Agency?

  Our new Digital Agency Project, funded by The National Lottery’s Big Lottery Fund Scotland, is seeking people that can work from home in various roles. […]

We are delighted to say…

We are now Big Lottery Funded! As a result of this amazing award, we will be expanding our courier enterprise by introducing digital services as a new strand to the […]
Overcoming disability to succeed

Overcoming Disability in Business to Succeed

When those with disabilities overcome their daily battles and still achieve great success, it simply demonstrates that those with disabilities are more than capable; just as […]

Highlighting the ability or the disability?

The Rio 2016 Paralympic Games are well underway, having begun on September 7th. This year the 2nd biggest sporting event in the world will see 160 […]

Breaking the Link Between Disability and Poverty with More Employment Opportunities for Disabled People

It is very alarming that recent research has found almost half of people living in poverty, are either disabled themselves or live in a household with […]

Social Impact: Nobody Deserves To Get Left Behind

For many with a disability, getting into the workplace can be a challenge. That challenge is not due to the fact that they have a disability, […]
Invisible Disabilites

Don’t Be So Quick To Judge With Your Eyes…

The person in the wheelchair: that is the image you see when you hear the word “disability”. Right? Often, people have a very limited view on […]
What counts as disability discrimination in the workplace? - DNDP CIC

What counts as a disability in the workplace?

Knowing and understanding what does and doesn’t count as a disability in the workplace is key to protecting yourself, your business and your employees. Disability discrimination […]